MTM Transit Talks Embracing Remote ADA Certification Technology

Welcome to MTM Transit Talks, where we’re bringing you monthly posts from our Chief Operating Officer Brian Balogh! Every month, Brian will discuss all things safety, transportation, sustainability, and much more. Welcome to the November edition, where Brian is focusing on the launch of Mobility Direct, our proprietary remote ADA certification technology! Here’s what he has to say about our efforts to revolutionize and evolve the ADA paratransit eligibility process:



As the transit industry evolves, MTM Transit continues to embrace the most up-to-date software and technology, while making passenger usability and convenience a top priority. That’s where Mobility Direct, MTM Transit’s state-of-the-art mobility management software, comes into play. Mobility Direct was designed by our in-house mobility management and IT teams, specifically created to more easily and efficiently manage the ADA paratransit eligibility process at any sized transit agency.

Every transit agency that operates paratransit service has the same goal: to provide the most appropriate level of service for every paratransit applicant. MTM Transit developed Mobility Direct with that goal in mind, specifically focusing on agencies where a dedicated, full-time team to manage in-person eligibility evaluations are cost prohibitive. Mobility Direct allows for ADA paratransit certification to be completed 100% online–from the initial application through eligibility determination.

Using the platform, MTM Transit–the industry’s leader in ADA paratransit eligibility–uses all available information to determine the most appropriate level of eligibility for each applicant. Determinations are made based on data collected from the individual’s application, professional verification, and customized interviews, which help establish and validate transit-focused assessments to ensure that every applicant receives the most appropriate determination based on their actual needs.

In-Person vs. Remote ADA Certification

There are pros and cons with operating both in-person and remote ADA certification programs. While in-person functional and cognitive assessments often provide a clearer picture of applicants’ true abilities, they can also be more costly for the agency to operate due to staffing and facility requirements. On the other hand, a remote certification process may not be as robust as the in-person process, but it will still provide necessary information to make an accurate, fair determination. With either approach, MTM Transit ensures consistency and compliance.

Addressing Health & Safety Concerns

As MTM Transit advances the industry through technology, our main focus is the health and safety of our applicants and passengers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our mobility management team worked closely with our transit agency partners across the country to ensure that applicants received the best possible assessment service, while remaining healthy.

One of the ways we supported our transit agency partners was by creating new temporary extension and certification processes to ensure applicants maintained eligibility during the pandemic. As part of this process, the agency was able to bring the applicant back for recertification within the year. We also developed and implemented a remote interview certification process at many transit agencies to make full-term certification decisions. The team developed best practices for applicant flows to maintain social distancing, installed protective barriers, and ensured the appropriate use of PPE where in-person evaluations continued on a limited basis.

The Future of Remote ADA Certification Technology

While nothing can replace the experience, education, and training that MTM Transit’s in-person evaluators have, we also recognize the value of technology to ensure that we operate in the most efficient and practical manner for our agency partners. Technology can make the entire process faster, more efficient, and cost-effective for the agency, and, most importantly, easier on the applicant.

By utilizing technology platforms like Mobility Direct, paratransit applicants have access to online applications and digital professional verification, and can receive determination information instantly via email, text, and notifications, giving visibility to the entire process. Our ultimate goal is to utilize this advanced technology to ensure the most seamless application process for passengers, and the most appropriate determinations for our clients.

Interested in learning more about Mobility Direct? Click here to learn more and request a demo!

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