MTM Transit Talks Our Quality Vehicle Maintenance Program

Welcome to MTM Transit Talks, where we’re bringing you monthly posts from our Chief Operating Officer Brian Balogh! Every month, Brian discusses all things safety, transportation, sustainability, inclusion, and much more. Last month, Brian explained the benefits of our proprietary mobility management software, Mobility Direct. This month, he’s back to discuss MTM Transit’s vehicle maintenance program—and how it sets us apart in the industry.

The Importance of a Quality Vehicle Maintenance Program

As we all know, maintaining your own personal car is very important. Some even make a passion out of it! Why wouldn’t we treat our fleets and company vehicles the same way? The importance of regular maintenance is essential for many reasons, mainly to:

  • Improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency
  • Extend the lifespan of a vehicle by preventing major problems from occurring
  • Help avoid future costly repairs
  • Remain safe and functioning for passengers and drivers

Caring for client-owned assets and prolonging the life of those assets is something MTM Transit takes ownership of and responsibility for. Today, vehicle availability is a challenge, and replacing rolling stock as planned is not always possible. That is why it has become increasingly more important to ensure a high quality vehicle maintenance program at each of our operations. This requires well trained, professional staff; a quality fleet maintenance software platform; hands-on, dedicated leadership; robust reporting and trend analysis; and communication and collaboration with our clients.

Transit Quality Assurance

MTM Transit identifies specific criteria, as well as component inspection and replacement parameters, based on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommended service intervals, client-specific requests, and our own historical data for similar type units. Encompassing all of this information allows us to take a proactive approach to tailoring a preventative maintenance program that not only meets but exceeds standards. Our Director of Maintenance John Seber says, “Our teams consistently review vehicle wear and tear by unit types, allowing us to identify failure points for components and revise them so our preventative maintenance inspection process nationwide can be addressed prior to anticipated failure.”

With expertise that blends transit and quality assurance, MTM Transit understands the ways various aspects of quality assurance—including vehicle maintenance—affects a transit operating system. Working hand in hand with our transit agency partners, we identify on-time performance standards, maintenance intervals, productivity levels, and more.

Learn more about our approach to quality assurance, and how MTM Transit provides a solid analysis of system performance and potential improvements.

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