Mobility Direct: ADA Eligibility Certification Technology

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility process may vary from one transit agency to another, but agencies always have one main goal: ensuring only truly eligible passengers are certified to use costly paratransit services.

For the past 10 years, MTM Transit has been a trusted mobility management partner for more than a dozen transit agencies nationwide, performing in excess of 100,000 assessments on their behalf each year. We deploy our industry-leading ADA eligibility assessment process, which leverages in-person interviews and assessments to determine how each applicant’s actual functional and cognitive abilities—not medical diagnoses—impact their ability to use fixed route public transit. To support our model and transit agencies across the nation, our in-house IT and mobility management teams collaborated to develop an innovative platform built for managing ADA eligibility programs.

An older man sits behind his laptop using Mobility Direct, MTM Transit's online paratransit eligibility software that uses our remote ADA certification process.

What is Mobility Direct?

Recognizing that a fully in-person model may not be the best approach for all agencies, MTM Transit took our comprehensive assessment process and developed a state-of-the-art technology solution that automates the eligibility certification process. Through this platform, MTM Transit offers varying levels of support to help your agency achieve impartial ADA eligibility determinations and compliance–with or without the cost of an in-person team. Dependent on your needs, the platform also offers varying levels of conditional and unconditional certification.

There is no other software on the market like Mobility Direct, which was designed specifically for ADA paratransit certification. While there are other platforms that have features that could potentially enable an eligibility process, these platforms serve as more of a simple CRM for eligibility data, with very limited customization and ability to actually manage a true ADA eligibility process. MTM Transit offers the only ADA eligibility certification technology platform of its kind that ensures fair and appropriate decisions, reduces your administrative workload and paratransit costs, and helps eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse of paratransit services.

What Does the Platform Do?

Our platform leverages MTM Transit’s proprietary workflow to guide users through the primary steps of the eligibility process. From initial application intake, to making eligibility decisions and delivering notifications, to ensuring compliance with ADA requirements and reporting, our user-friendly platform creates an intuitive, automated eligibility process for transit agencies of all sizes.

Mobility Direct offers ADA eligibility certification technology, online paratransit eligibility assessments, and remote ADA certification technology to ensure appropriate ADA paratransit use.

Why Mobility Direct?

  • Management of all eligibility functions, from initial application through determination, mailings, appeals reporting, and tracking
  • Developed by Mobility Management-focused IT professionals and overseen by MTM Transit’s expert ADA team
  • Ability to accurately determine conditional and unconditional determinations
  • Ensures 100% compliance and adherence to ADA guidelines
  • Eliminates internal administrative work load processes and the need for specialized, trained staff
  • Creates an efficient and informative process from both the applicant and assessor perspective
  • Meets all access and usability standards
  • HIPAA compliant platform
  • Impartial application review and determination
  • Reduce evaluation and paratransit costs
  • Prevent fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Options for full agency branding and customization

An Option for Every Agency​

Our customizable and flexible platform works for agencies of all sizes with varying budgets and needs. If your agency has the team to manage the eligibility process and just needs a platform to automate the process, the platform is available for purchase as customized standalone software, backed by IT support from our in-house team. As an extra level of service oversight, Mobility Direct Plus offers our expert mobility management staff to oversee the eligibility process remotely. Our remote evaluators are trained to manage the entire process from start to finish using methodologies established by National Transit Institute and Easter Seals Project ACTION. Mobility Direct Pro is the most comprehensive approach, offering MTM Transit’s industry leading in-person model powered by our platform. Our on-site team conducts in-person interviews and physical/cognitive functional assessments to thoroughly determine how environmental, architectural, and personal barriers may impact an applicant’s ability to safely and independently access public transit.

Tablet screen shows Mobility Direct, MTM Transit's online paratransit eligibility platform that offers transit agencies remote ADA certification functions.
Features & SpecsMobility DirectMobility Direct Plus  Mobility Direct Pro
Software hosting, upgrades, and IT support from MTM Transit's in-house teamXXX
Development, customization, and agency branding of the applicationXXX
Ability for applicants to submit applications onlineXXX
Ability for applicants to schedule in-person interviews or assessments onlineXXX
Ability for medical providers to submit verifications onlineXXX
Automated electronic application processing workflowsXXX
Generation of applicant notifications and determinationsXXX
Notifications of upcoming re-certificationsXXX
Ability to export data or create APIs for data transmission to paratransit softwareXXX
HIPAA-compliant database management and document storageXXX
Standard reporting packageXXX
Access to create ad hoc reportsXXX
Phone interviews conducted by MTM Transit's professional mobility management staffXX
Impartial review of ADA applications and medical verifications by MTM Transit's professional mobility management staffXX
Remote eligibility determinations made by MTM Transit's professional mobility management staffXX
Implementation of conditional eligibilityXX
Guaranteed compliance with ADA determination timelineXX
Appeal research and supportXX
FTA/ADA audit supportXX
Custom report creationXX
On-site, in-person interviews conducted by MTM Transit's professional mobility management staffX
On-site, in-person cognitive assessments conducted by MTM Transit's professional mobility management staffX
On-site, in-person physical assessments conducted by MTM Transit's professional mobility management staffX
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