Mobility Direct: Addressing Your Post-COVID ADA Eligibility Needs

Looking for ways to innovate in the ever evolving world of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit, specifically in terms of post-COVID ADA eligibility needs? As the world begins to return to normalcy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for transit agencies to explore new opportunities for ADA efficiency and ADA cost containment. With concerns surrounding labor shortages, increasing ridership, and funding, now is the time to put plans into place for service sustainability.

Through our Mobility Direct platform, MTM Transit is revolutionizing the ADA paratransit eligibility process. Mobility Direct is a web-based platform built specifically for managing ADA eligibility functions. From initial application processing, to interviews and assessments, to eligibility determinations and reporting, the platform is the leading technology of its kind.

As transit agencies look for ways to handle the current issues facing the industry, here’s how Mobility Direct can modernize your approach to eligibility determinations and address your post-COVID ADA eligibility needs:

Mitigate Labor Concerns

Transit agencies nationwide are all facing a similar struggle: maintaining an adequate staff base. With Mobility Direct, you can complete more work with fewer staff by streamlining the application and determination process and reducing the back-end administrative work involved. The platform manages all eligibility functions, and eliminates the need for specialized, trained staff–which makes your recruiting process simpler.

Prepare for Increasing Ridership

As COVID cases continue to decrease, you need to be prepared for increasing ridership. If you took a break from re-certifications or loosened your eligibility restrictions during the pandemic, you may be playing catch up soon. Mobility Direct can help you catch up quickly and complete more certifications in a shorter timeframe to help maintain compliance with the 21-day certification timeline.

Conserve Your Funding

The COVID pandemic hit transit agencies hard. We know your financial concerns are real. With Mobility Direct, we can help you ensure only those who are truly qualified for paratransit are deemed eligible—reducing your evaluation and paratransit costs, and ultimately making your paratransit funding go further.

The best part about it? Mobility Direct is customizable and flexible. It can operate as standalone software controlled by your agency, or with MTM Transit overseeing the certification process from start to finish.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Click play to watch our demo video above, and then request your full demo today.

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