MTM Transit Talks Transit Sustainability Efforts

Welcome to MTM Transit Talks, where we’re bringing you monthly posts from our Chief Operating Officer Brian Balogh! Every month, Brian will discuss all things safety, transportation, sustainability, and much more. Welcome to the September edition, where Brian is focusing on sustainability! Here’s what he has to say about our transit sustainability efforts:



Environmental sustainability means taking responsible steps to interact with the environment in a way that maintains it’s natural resources. It’s a “Go-Green” mentality that helps the environment thrive for future generations to come. While complete dependence on natural resources can’t be completely eliminated yet, we can minimize our dependence on them and reduce our impact on the environment if we just take the initiative. At MTM Transit, adding green vehicles in our fleet has driven us in the right direction to continue to explore and execute sustainable options.

A simple, easy, and very basic way to immediately reduce our imprint on the environment is through a commitment to fully electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. The base technology available today is more affordable than ever, and vehicle ranges easily meet most service requirements. I’m so proud of our leadership in this area. We’ve committed to cutting costs for our clients in ways that do not require us to use traditional, and typically less effective, transit related operating supplies and methods. The most common examples include the vehicles for both service provision, as well as supervisory staff.

In addition to electric vehicles, our offices take a strong focus on making our work environment green as well. We implemented blue can recycling at all of our divisions, and we are installing solar technology to power the offices and our garages, including solar light poles in our parking areas. While it might seem cliché, we learned that we can also limit travel and be much more green by working more effectively remotely. Where we can use recycled and are able to recycle lubricants and fluids, we are committed to do so. Our locations have been implementing and building technology solutions that significantly reduce our use of and dependence on paper and paper products.

Along with these transit sustainability efforts, and much more in the works, MTM Transit has set a goal to be carbon neutral and to be a leader in the transit space with respect to reduction. I am looking forward to see the directions we continue to take and the new initiatives we strive towards to make our company sustainable for generations to come.

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