Transit Talks with Ben Schandle

Every quarter, our Transit Talks series showcases the knowledge and expertise of our leadership team on hot topics such as sustainability, safety, and more. This month, we feature Director of Regional Sales Ben Schandle as he discusses the importance of MTM Transit’s growth, expansion, and partnerships—and how while we may be one of the “new kids on the block,” we have the knowledge and expertise to be valuable partners to our clients nationwide.

MTM Transit’s History

MTM Transit is a woman-owned, privately held company focused on enabling transportation equity and removing community barriers that inhibit growth. We are entering the next evolution of transit in North America, bringing anticipation, excitement, and perhaps a little anxiety about how transit agencies will operate. MTM Transit has developed a collaborative approach with an open-door policy that encourages all our client partners to find and share best practices.

MTM Transit has a reputation for providing extensive corporate support that develops our local leaders and empowers them to make localized decisions. We believe in empowering our leaders to make impactful decisions that positively affect the communities they serve. We continuously update our technology, policies, and procedures, making us the “new kids on the block.”

Over the years, MTM Transit has diligently focused on building a best-in-class transit team that partners with our clients to deliver the next evolution in transit for each of our partner communities. Collaborative partnerships are the cornerstone of providing our clients with the world-class service their communities deserve. We have recently had the privilege of forging several new partnerships, including Valley Metro, Denver RTD, Salem Cherriots, Hele-On Hawaii, the City of Tracy, and MBTA in Boston. We are excited to be a part of these communities and look forward to working together to bring transit equity to our riders.

The Importance of Growth and Expansion

As MTM Transit grows and adds new partners, we must continue to grow in strength as well. Strong growth means partnering with agencies that share our vision and values and believe in a people-first mindset. MTM Transit has prioritized being a market disruptor in how we develop, foster, and grow our client partnerships. As growth continues at MTM Transit, it is important that we remain a people-first organization that helps our employees reach their career aspirations.

We view growth as an opportunity to improve all facets of our transit operations. MTM Transit is unique in the industry because we have a dedicated implementation team built to manage transitions from incumbents to MTM Transit. Every new partnership brings its own distinct set of challenges that must be overcome to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. After each new implementation, we review opportunities for improved transition planning and incorporate those best practices into future partnerships.

Where MTM Transit Stands Out

I recently had the chance to speak with our newest partner, Cherriots in Salem, Oregon, about the impact of collaborating with MTM Transit. We identified that their primary challenges were organizational structure and employee relations. By addressing these key areas, we aimed to close the gaps Cherriots faced. Adopting MTM Transit’s structure would help instill our Core Values.

Following the conversation, one team member remarked, “The call center’s culture today is the most inviting I have ever had the privilege to work with.” Statements like this highlight what sets MTM Transit apart. Our balanced focus on both employee and member mentality fosters a welcoming environment not only in our offices but also during our trips. Our Core Values are fundamental, embody our vision and mission, and continually ensure we provide top tier services to those in the community who need it most: our passengers.

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