Austin Maintenance Technicians Win at Paratransit Maintenance Rodeo

The world of public transportation maintenance is a challenging one, where precision, skill, and a strong work ethic are celebrated virtues. In a recent regional paratransit maintenance rodeo competition, Maintenance Technicians Claudio Gonzales and David Thompson from our Austin South base in Texas demonstrated these qualities in spades by clinching first place.

In Austin, MTM Transit plays a pivotal role in operating two facilities dedicated to Americans with Disabilities (ADA) paratransit service on behalf of Austin CapMetro. This service is crucial for individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have reliable transportation options. The maintenance of these vehicles is a vital part of the operation, and that’s where the skills of technicians like Claudio and David come into play. Paratransit maintenance rodeos challenge technicians to push their skills to the limit. Competitions consist of various diagnostic and component-type failures and challenges that participants must review and solve within a specific time frame. The goal is not just to complete the tasks, but to do so accurately and efficiently.

Claudio and David rose to the occasion, demonstrating their technical skills and their ability to work under pressure while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Their efforts resulted in a first-place finish.

Edwin Ivester, MTM Transit’s Manager of Fleet and Facilities in Austin, praised Claudio and David, saying “Claudio and David joined MTM Transit just a little over a year ago, making their achievement even more remarkable. Their technical skills and strong work ethic already made them valuable assets to our daily maintenance operations. I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments.”

Congratulations on your achievement, Claudio and David! Thank you for your commitment to excellence in maintaining our ADA paratransit vehicles in Austin!

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