Safety Blitz Unites MTM Transit’s Austin North and South Bases

In a concerted effort to enhance safety and service quality, MTM Transit’s North and South base locations in Austin, Texas recently joined forces for a collaborative safety blitz. Led by Manager of Operations Louise Francois and Safety Manager Joe Fernandez, this initiative aimed to raise vehicle operator awareness about slips, trips, and falls; improve customer service; and foster a heightened focus on serving passengers with visual disabilities, particularly at the Austin Lighthouse for the Blind.

During the blitz, the team focused on three main objectives:

Awareness of Slips/Trips and Falls: The safety blitz prioritized creating awareness among vehicle operators regarding the potential risks associated with slips, trips, and falls. By addressing these concerns head-on, the Austin team sought to minimize accidents and injuries during passenger transport.

Customer Service: Improving customer service was a key objective of the safety blitz. The teams aimed to instill a sense of importance for every trip and passenger, emphasizing the significance of delivering high-quality service to enhance the overall passenger experience.

Focus on Serving Passengers with Visual Disabilities: The blitz had a specific focus on serving passengers with visual disabilities, particularly those whom MTM Transit picks up from the Austin Lighthouse for the Blind. This initiative aimed to make services more accessible and accommodating for individuals with visual impairments. A positive outcome of this training was establishing a line of communication between front-line vehicle operators and the staff at the Lighthouse, which further enhances the passenger experience.

This joint safety blitz aligned our locations’ safety efforts, with Safety Ambassadors and vehicle operators representing both the North and South bases,” said Safety Manager Joe Fernandez. “It was an exciting collaborative effort that will help us ensure safety messages and initiatives are consistent across our operations.”

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