Alvin Meyers Named MTM Transit’s March ZAP Manager of the Month

MTM Transit is excited to introduce our latest ZAP Manager of the Month: Alvin Meyers, the Safety Manager of our Austin North operations! Alvin earned the award for the month of March 2021. Every month, our safety mascot ZAP Man recognizes our ZAP Manager of the Month. The Manager chosen for the honor is an MTM Transit leader who embodies our safety initiatives and shows a strong commitment to safety in all facets of their job. Every leader chosen for the recognition reflects the value behind ZAP: our Zero Accident Philosophy.

Under Alvin’s guidance, the safety results out of our Austin North location have excelled. With more than 100 vehicles providing Capital Metro’s MetroAccess Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit service out of this Texas location, safety is Alvin’s focus. Recently, the team celebrated 141 days without an injury, and 52 days without a preventable accident.

What makes Alvin’s safety focus so impressive and deserving of our ZAP Manager of the Month award? Here’s what MTM Transit’s Director of Safety Administration Tom Greufe has to say:

“Alvin and his supervisors take time out of each day to talk to their employees about safety,” Tom said. “This is typically done face-to-face in the field, and they always make it a point to focus on the 18 Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) safe behaviors, while also performing frequent ride checks, daily road observations, and effective one-on one-coaching.”

Alvin also uses his SMS Ambassadors to give vehicle operators and other teammates “pop quizzes” related to safe driving and customer service. If they answer correctly, they are recognized and rewarded for their safety knowledge, which helps to create a true culture of safety awareness.

Congrats on a job well done Alvin. Keep up the great work!

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