Steve Baker Named ZAP Manager of the Month

In the fast-paced world of public transportation, it’s not often the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to ensure safety get the recognition they truly deserve. One such hero is Steve Baker, who was named MTM Transit’s most recent ZAP Manager of the Month. Steve epitomizes ZAP—or Zero Accident Philosophy—through his commitment to safety and excellence.

Steve, who is the General Manager in MTM Transit’s operations in Sumter County, Florida, and his team recently achieved an impressive feat: a month completely free of accidents and injuries. This milestone, spanning from August into September, is a testament to Steve’s unwavering commitment to the Zero Accident Philosophy. His contribution to MTM Transit goes beyond his outstanding safety record in Sumter County. He has also played an instrumental role in supporting MTM Transit’s Beyond the Wheel (BTW) trainers during start-ups in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. This support was provided while he continued to actively manage his own facility from a distance, displaying remarkable dedication and leadership skills.

In addition to his involvement with training and his own facility management, Steve faced the challenge of managing a hurricane event from out of town. Senior Director of Safety Administration Matt Weinberg spoke highly of Steve’s contributions, stating, “Steve’s dedication to being part of several start-ups and his own team has really shined. His ability to manage challenging situations such as a hurricane while maintaining the highest standards of operation showcases his exceptional leadership qualities.”

Congratulations Steve on your well-deserved recognition as ZAP Manager of the Month!

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