Matt Weinberg Named Senior Director, Safety Administration

MTM Transit is excited to announce that Matt Weinberg has been promoted to Senior Director, Safety Administration. Since joining MTM Transit in 2021 to lead our safety efforts, Matt has exemplified a relentless commitment to ensuring the safety of our passengers, drivers, and employees.

“With Matt’s guidance, we have been able to build and strengthen a robust Safety Culture, making MTM Transit the most trusted transportation partner in the industry,” said Chief Operating Officer Brian Balogh. “His vast knowledge, unwavering passion, and innovative approaches have proven him to be a critical asset in cultivating our safety-focused environment.”

Matt has played a pivotal role in organizing and establishing MTM Transit’s safety practices and policies, spearheading training initiatives, and developing a comprehensive compliance program. Outside of his MTM Transit duties, Matt supports affiliate company MTM‘s non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) safety initiatives and leads our Executive Safety Committee, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of all our decisions and operations. Under his guidance, our Transit services have flourished nationwide, upholding the highest safety standards.

“In his new role, Matt will continue to lead us towards a future where every aspect of our daily operations is carried out with the utmost safety,” Balogh added. “His dedication and expertise will be crucial as we maintain our trajectory of rapid growth while sustaining a steadfast commitment to safety.”

Congratulations, Matt, and thank you for prioritizing safety and ensuring MTM Transit makes a positive impact on each passenger we serve.

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