MTM Transit Sends Tom Greufe Best Wishes for a Happy Retirement

April is a bittersweet month for MTM Transit as we bid farewell to our Director of Safety Administration Tom Greufe. Tom—a true industry icon—joined MTM Transit in 2016 during a time when we were experiencing rapid growth, and has since steered our safety initiatives with confidence and expertise.

With a keen focus on ongoing safety and the wellbeing of our passengers, Tom standardized our comprehensive safety culture and made maintaining a safety focus second nature to all of our staff members. From creating robust, cutting edge training programs to introducing innovative safety technology, Tom has helped ensure high quality, safe transportation for our passengers nationwide. He also played a critical role in implementing and improving our Safety Management System, emergency preparedness plans, safety auditing, and drug and alcohol policies.

Tom has spent more than 30 years in the transit industry, bringing strategic safety-focused operations everywhere he went. His extensive professional career is complemented by his more than 25 years serving as a member of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Safety Committee.

Thanks to Tom, MTM Transit now has an unmatched safety culture. While it will be difficult to replace a legend like Tom, we wish you the best of luck in a peaceful, happy retirement as you pursue other passions! You will be greatly missed!

Here’s what some of our leaders have to say about Tom’s enthusiasm and passion for safety:

“Tom is—and has been for many decades—a well-respected subject matter expert and leader in safety and security in the transit industry. We were fortunate to have Tom lead and organize the training and compliance processes that help us provide superior service to our clients and passengers. Above all else, Tom was a key representative of our company culture and supported our commitment to making sure every trip is important. Best wishes for a very happy and well deserved retirement!”
Brian Balogh, Chief Operating Officer

“The term safety and the name Tom Greufe are synonymous. I have never seen an individual more passionate about safety, and I have never met anyone more concerned with the wellbeing of his fellow employees as Tom. Here’s to a wonderful retirement and amazing next chapter of your life!”
Regional Vice President Scott Transue

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tom since 2004. Tom is a gentleman in every sense of the word; he is considerate, kind, soft spoken, and truly passionate about his role in keeping transit operators educated and safe. He will be hard to replace and certainly missed. I wish you a very well deserved, happy and healthy retirement!”
Regional Vice President Ed Overn

“Tom is guided by his faith just as he is guided by safety. He’s always understood that employees learn by example and preaches, ‘if they don’t see you practicing good safety habits, they won’t think safety is important.’ Tom, you’ve set the industry standard for workplace safety. Thank you for always ensuring that safety is priority #1. I wish you the absolute best in your retirement.”
Regional Vice President Jack Hempstead

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