MTM Transit Locations Celebrate National Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Recently, our locations nationwide celebrated our favorite holiday: National Transit Driver Appreciation Day! Every year on March 18, we make this day special for our Vehicle Operators, making sure they are recognized for their dedication to providing safe, high quality service to our passengers.

From Oregon to Florida and everywhere in between, our local management teams celebrated their staff with awards, catered meals, and notes of appreciation. Some locations even doubled the day’s fun by making their celebrations St. Patrick’s Day themed.

Here are just a few highlights from the day:

  • In Eugene, Oregon, each driver received a certificate of appreciation
  • In Tracy, California, the team was treated to a Mexican buffet – complete with a wide variety of salsas to sample
  • In Salem, Oregon, leaders treated teammates to a St. Patrick’s Day-themed BBQ, including a cake that expressed their appreciation

Thank you to each of our drivers for everything you do to ensure our operations are successful. Without you, we would be nothing. Your contributions and efforts to ensure every trip is important never go unnoticed! We hope you all enjoyed Transit Driver Appreciation Day!

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