MTM Transit Meal Delivery Reduces Food Insecurity Nationwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has put each and every one of us in a new and unique situation. We are committed to helping in every way possible, while following CDC guidelines, through activities like MTM Transit meal delivery. Multiple MTM Transit locations have stepped up to help deliver meals to individuals who are unable to leave their homes due to quarantine or health restrictions.

Our Austin teams have partnered with HEB Grocery Store and the Central Texas Food Bank through our client, Capital Metro, to deliver Help-At-Home kits to the MetroAccess community in Austin. These Help-At-Home kits are filled with shelf-stable items, including peanut butter, rice, soup, canned veggies, and other pantry supplies, and are delivered to older adults and people with disabilities.

In Tracy, California, our staff have also began MTM Transit meal delivery bi-weekly to the seniors enrolled in various Senior Centers and the San Joaquin County Meal Program.

In Perrysburg, Ohio, and Reno, Nevada, staff are assisting with meal deliveries to senior centers.

Each of our locations throughout the nation is dedicated to helping our communities, and will continue to be on the lookout for opportunities to get involved whenever possible.

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