MTM Transit Joins the Meals on Wheels Breakfast Club

At MTM Transit, we are proud supporters of the communities our teams work and live in, and we’re always looking for great organizations and causes to contribute to! Recently, our Austin team visited Meals on Wheels of Central Texas, one of the state’s largest meal delivery organizations. Every business day, it distributes 3,000 meals to food-insecure homebound older adults and people with disabilities in the Austin area.

During the visit, we donated $500 to the organization and became proud members of their Breakfast Club! The Breakfast Club is a group of monthly donors who support the Breakfast Meals Program, which offers the organization’s most vulnerable clients at-risk for malnourishment with a lifeline of nutrition every morning. Each year, approximately 200 clients receive both breakfast and lunchtime meals through Meals on Wheels. The average breakfast meal through Meals on Wheels costs $2.26 to prepare, which means MTM Transit is supporting 221 meals for the organization’s clients!

Our motto may be Every Trip is Important–but we also believe every meal is important. Food is a necessity, not a right, and we are excited to help Meals on Wheels ensure our vulnerable neighbors have access to the food sources they need to stay healthy and thriving. Thank you to Meals on Wheels for doing amazing things in the Austin area, and for allowing us to be your partner in delivering resources to our community!

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