Mobility Direct Webinar: Watch the Recording Now!

A small transit agency offering rural demand response services. One of the largest transit agencies in the nation in a diverse urban market. A mid-sized agency serving a sprawling suburban community. What do these three agencies have in common? Their need for a robust ADA eligibility process backed by reliable technology.

Transit agencies come in all shapes and sizes—but their eligibility software doesn’t have to. MTM Transit has developed the industry’s most comprehensive technology solution for automating the eligibility certification process. Through our Mobility Direct platform, we offer varying levels of support to help your agency achieve impartial ADA eligibility determinations and compliance—with or without an in-person team. Whether you’re looking for standalone software that your in-house team can use to automate the eligibility process, or you prefer an outsourced contractor to implement and operate the entire process for you, Mobility Direct is a customizable and flexible platform that works for agencies of all sizes and budgets.

If you missed our live webinar, great news: the recording is now available! Click play on the video above to see firsthand how Mobility Direct can transform your ADA eligibility process by streamlining administrative workload, ensuring 100% compliance with ADA guidelines, and reducing your paratransit costs. Additionally, you may download the webinar slide deck and answers to questions asked during the webinar below.

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