Enhancing Empathy: San Joaquin Team Commits to Visual Sensitivity

Recently, MTM Transit’s paratransit eligibility team in San Joaquin, California partnered with a local community center for a unique sensitivity training initiative led by a seasoned orientation and mobility specialist. The primary objective of the training was to equip the MTM Transit team with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by passengers who are blind or have vision impairments. This newfound knowledge plays a crucial role in enhancing travel training and in person paratransit eligibility assessment activities.

During training, the team receives hands-on experience by taking turns being blindfolded. This immersive exercise aimed to place the MTM Transit team members in the shoes of their applicants, fostering empathy and appreciation for the daily hurdles faced by those with visual impairments.

Utilizing the community center’s facilities, the team navigated a purpose-built course designed to simulate real-world challenges. From doorways to stairs, and changes in surface areas, each obstacle was carefully incorporated into the training. This hands-on approach allowed the team to develop practical skills in guiding and supporting blind and visually impaired applicants with greater confidence and precision.

By actively engaging in this immersive experience, the MTM Transit team not only honed their ability to navigate physical spaces, but also cultivated a heightened sense of sensitivity. This training initiative underscores MTM Transit’s commitment to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for all passengers.

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