Congratulations to MTM Transit’s October ZAP Manager of the Month Chris Westbrook!

MTM Transit is excited to introduce our latest ZAP Manager of the Month: Chris Westbrook, the General Manager of our Austin North location in Texas! Chris earned the award for the month of October 2020. Every month, our safety mascot ZAP Man recognizes our ZAP Manager of the Month. The Manager chosen for the honor is an MTM Transit leader who embodies our safety initiatives and shows a strong commitment to safety in all facets of their job. Every leader chosen for the recognition reflects the value behind ZAP: our Zero Accident Philosophy.

“Without fail, Chris always provides strong safety support to his staff,” said MTM Transit’s Director of Safety Administration Tom Greufe. “He isn’t afraid to have open conversations with his employees, and takes the opportunity to tie those conversations in with a safety message to keep his team continually thinking about safe vehicle operation.” 

Chris and his right-hand man in safety, Safety Manager Alvin Meyers, communicate safety every day to each of their employees. Chris and Alvin work closely together to support their location’s safety needs through continuous safety campaigns that make safety visible throughout their operations facility. Thanks to their efforts, our Austin North location has an enhanced safety focus, highlighted by improved safety results.

Congrats Chris–keep up the great work!

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