Austin Vehicle Operators Remember to G.O.A.L.

Safety is always top of mind at MTM Transit—and in Austin, our team is making sure its top of eyesight, too! Recently, our Safety team in Austin installed stickers on the side mirrors of every Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit vehicle we operate on behalf of CapMetro, reminding vehicle operators to remember the G.O.A.L. philosophy: Get Out And Look before backing up.

According to the National Safety Council, poor backing is attributed to as many as 500 deaths and 1,500 injuries every year. By adhering to G.O.A.L.—in addition to other safe backing maneuvers—our vehicle operators are more aware of their surroundings, ensure their path of travel is clear, and reduce accidents and injuries.

The stickers have been such a success in Austin that our locations nationwide will be adding them to their side mirrors as well. Way to set a great example for all of our vehicle operators, team Austin!

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