Safety Blitzes and Awareness Hit MTM Transit Locations Nationwide

Safety is always in style at MTM Transit. As we move through the fall season, many of our locations nationwide are hosting safety blitzes and celebrations to keep our vehicle operators engaged in safety awareness. Check out some of our most recent safety blitzes and initiatives!

Martin County, Florida

In Martin County, our team focused on LLLC (look ahead, look around, leave room, and communicate) techniques and tips to avoid fixed obstacles during their safety blitz. General Manager Tony Hanks and Safety Manager Mike Riley “huddled around” their vehicle operators, helping them to be prepared and aware of defensive driving techniques. Check out some of their LLLC tips and guidelines:

  • Look Ahead with an eye-lead time of 15 seconds, so you can see traffic slowing, pedestrians approaching, or changes in traffic patterns.
  • Look Around by changing your point of focus every two to three seconds, and checking your mirrors every five to eight seconds, to take in your entire driving environment.
  • Leave Room on all six sides of your vehicle to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Communicate with your headlights, horn, turn signals, flashers, and tail lights. Don’t forget to give at least three to five flashes of your turn signal before taking any action!

Sarasota, Florida

The Sarasota team focused on the busy-ness of Halloween for their October safety blitz, informing vehicle operators to be aware and watch for kids. The blitz also hit on pre- and post-trip checks, including important tasks like checking mirror and tire functionality before hitting the road. To celebrate completed training and the upcoming Halloween holiday, teammates and their family members were invited to join their peers for a festive party full of costumes, treats, and even a live DJ!

Sumter County, Florida

Sumter County hosted two safety blitzes focused on fire prevention & pre-trip inspections. One safety board showed employees how to use a fire extinguisher and the P.A.S.S. method of putting out fires, and the second board focused on pre-trip inspection activities, such as making sure lights work properly and checking under the engine compartment for coolant, oil, and washer solvent.

Reno, Nevada

In Reno, our Safety team hosted a safety blitz on the importance of mirror use, accompanied by Halloween festivities like pumpkins, candy, fun, and games.

Hamilton County, Ohio

Our team in Hamilton County was greeted by our safety mascot ZapMan during their recent safety blitz, which was themed “Hocus Pocus: Don’t Lose Your Focus!” Drivers were each given a “safety pumpkin” to follow them along on their adventure. Then, ZapMan chatted with local employees about the importance of safety, and joined their potluck celebration at the culmination of the event.

Perrysburg, Ohio

Here’s to safety–it shouldn’t be scary! That was the theme our Perrysburg team went with for their safety blitz, which focused on pre- and post-trip inspections, mirror set up, and fall preparedness. As part of the fall preparedness campaign, vehicle operators checked various items in their vehicles such as fluids, tire treads, safety triangles, and first aid kits, and also made sure their flashlights had fresh batteries.

Clarion, Pennsylvania

Our team in Clarion also got into the Halloween spirit for their safety blitz, which taught the proper techniques for pre-trip inspections. Their local mascot Safety-saurus even made an appearance to hand out Halloween treat bags to participants!

State College, Pennsylvania

In State College, vehicle operators were encouraged to learn more about pre- and post-trip inspections during their local blitz. Operators were quizzed during a contest, where they were asked to list items on the daily vehicle inspection that would require a vehicle to go out of service.

Austin, Texas

At our North base in Austin, our teammates looked to the statement “Always Think Safety” when conducting their blitz. Operators completed skills training on serpentine courses, diminishing lanes, avoiding fixed obstacles, and driving slowly with caution.

Conroe, Texas

In Conroe, our leadership team realized that fatigue and Halloween festivities go hand-in-hand. Vehicle operators learned about fatigue-driving factors, and were encouraged to avoid fatigue by getting quality sleep, exercising regularly, and not using caffiene as an alternative to proper rest.

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