Transit Talks with Ed Overn

At MTM Transit, safety is engrained in every aspect of our operations–especially in the mindset of our leadership team! With the winter season quickly approaching, inclement weather is on the mind. Every MTM Transit location will continue to keep safety fresh, preparing for whatever weather comes their way. In this quarter’s Transit Talks, Senior Vice President of Operations Ed Overn discusses the importance of weather safety and how MTM Transit leads the industry in preparing for inclement weather events.

Identifying the Drivers Behind Weather Safety

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), natural disasters and dangerous weather conditions cause a substantial number of car accidents across the country. In fact, weather-related car crashes are some of the most deadly types of weather disasters that occur across the country. Between 2007 and 2016, there were more than 400,000 weather-related car accidents and approximately 6,000 fatalities in weather-related crashes.

MTM Transit always recognizes shocking statistics like these and approaches them head on. As a company, it is important to track and analyze the statistics—and uncover what the root causes are—before trying to fix them. Why are accidents happening? What can we do to prevent them? How does weather become a factor?

MTM Transit runs multiple campaigns and “safety blitzes”, or learning sessions, on specific challenges that our vehicle operators can encounter based upon geographic location. For instance, our Florida locations experience harsh hurricane seasons and daily torrential downpours with associated floods. The Northeast and Midwest experience challenges with snowfall, ice, early darkness, and more, while the West has severe weather due to heavy winds and fires. We plan for these events, training our vehicle operators and other staff to expect the unexpected via daily safety reminders and meetings to focus on these events.

Addressing the Issue and Taking Precautions

Once the statistics are analyzed and our locations realize where the problems lie due to unpredictable weather, we can address the issues. The popular blog Weekly Safety suggests following two simple precautions to take while driving in inclement weather: slow down and stay back. Slowing down allows drivers to not only abide by the law and speed limits, but also to be aware of their surroundings, potential weather, and other dangers on the road.

With weather changes, there’s a number of rules that go into effect at MTM Transit. Similar to the Weekly Safety blog, slowing down and reducing speed so that you can anticipate changing road conditions will help operators have time to safely react. This list of the Most Dangerous Types of Weather to Drive In is a great resource to help you address weather issues.

What Makes MTM Transit Stand Out

From mobility management to fixed route and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit, MTM Transit solves our clients’ toughest transit challenges, even in harsh weather conditions. At MTM Transit, we talk safety, we walk safety, and our executive leadership team has a duty to ensure that our employees are placed in the safest working conditions possible. Whether it’s the physical workplace or our vehicles and maintenance shops, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of workplace safety, and never compromise or ignore this critical element of our business.

Moving forward, remember: slow down, leave enough reaction time, and take time to be prepared. Pre-trip inspections save lives, and ensuring vehicles are appropriately equipped for the weather that lies ahead is of the utmost importance. Lean on your team when you need assistance, always be aware of your surroundings, and take inclement weather seriously!

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