The Little White House: Home to Conroe Connection

In downtown Conroe, Texas, a non-descript historic homestead house sits on a small side street. Many local residents don’t know what happens at “the little white house,” and are curious about the cars that come and go from the building, and the city buses that are parked in the lot behind the house.

Here in this little white house, MTM Transit makes the city go! Our teammates are the faces that keep the little white house–and the City of Conroe’s transportation system, called the Conroe Connection–running. Our employees work diligently to get Conroe residents to and from their daily appointments, work, and homes, helping those in need of transportation “get on board” in their community.

Our local leadership team recently put together a video highlighting the Conroe Connection operation and the faces behind it. Click play in the video below to meet the MTM Transit team that powers the Conroe Connection and the little white house!

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