MTM Transit Implements Reveal Technology in Conroe, Texas

At MTM Transit, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients improve their transit operations—including introducing innovative technology solutions. In Conroe, Texas, MTM Transit operates the City’s fixed route and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit services. We helped the city create its Conroe Connection transit service from the ground up in 2014, and have never stopped searching for new ways to improve the services we offer the community.

Most recently, we successfully implemented a new routing, scheduling, and dispatching (RSD) technology platform in the City: Reveal, an industry-leading platform acquired by MTM Transit’s affiliate MTM in 2017. The transition went off without a hitch, with 100% on-time performance and no disruption in service. To ensure a smooth go-live, Reveal staff were on-site during the transition, helping to migrate data onto the Reveal platform, training MTM Transit and City staff on how to use the system, and ensuring the transition went smoothly.

Using the Reveal platform, MTM Transit and the City are:

  • Improving the passenger experience
  • Increasing overall productivity
  • Automating the routing and scheduling process
  • Optimizing dispatching capabilities through real-time GPS data
  • Increasing transparency into day-to-day operations for the City through real-time dashboards and data

“Reveal is the most modern, user friendly, and feature-rich software in the industry, and we are excited to bring it to the City of Conroe and its passengers,” said MTM Regional Vice President Scott Transue. “The City has made this transition a priority as we strive to improve service for riders. We can’t thank the City enough for their partnership, effort, and willingness to learn and help us implement this exciting new technology.”

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