Safety at MTM Transit: Learn About Our Executive Safety Committee!

MTM Transit is excited to announce the next generation of our Executive Safety Committee! The Committee is part of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA)’s Safety Management System (SMS), which was created to achieve four goals:

  • Bring management and labor together to better control risk
  • Detect and correct potential safety problems earlier
  • Share and analyze safety data more effectively
  • Measure safety performance more precisely
What Do the Safety Management System and Executive Safety Committee Do?

The SMS helps transit agencies and contractors apply resources to risk, and ensures they have the organizational infrastructure to support decision-making at all levels. All operators of public transportation systems must develop and implement an SMS Plan and processes as part of their safety efforts. Through strong executive safety leadership, active employee involvement, and much more, the SMS provides an enhanced structure for addressing expectations, as well as dedicated tools and approaches to help the FTA implement outstanding recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

About MTM Transit’s Executive Safety Committee

MTM Transit’s Executive Safety Committee includes representation from nearly all of our corporate departments. These teammates come together to collaborate on how each team affects our safety culture and mindset through company-wide activities. To stay ahead of the curve, we are proud to have created our Executive Safety Committee prior to the federal program due date–in fact, this will be the third year of operation of our Committee! The Committee is a continuation of our safety efforts, including our FTA-approved SMS Plan.

Guided by COO Brian Balogh and Director of Safety Administration Matthew Weinberg, the Committee focuses on how safety works within MTM Transit, motivating and challenging each department to improve our overall safety culture and performance. Working together, this is about more than meeting an FTA and SMS requirement. We don’t just maintain and update our SMS Plan at FTA operation locations; the plan is deployed throughout the company, as all of our teammates benefit from the actions of the Committee. Our mission is to take safety a step further, ensuring it is truly a collaborative effort to continue to keep safety our number one priority.

Stay tuned to meet the members of our Executive Safety Committee and hear more news on their efforts, including engaging activities like safety blitzes, contests, and much more!

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