Reno Driver Daryl Berkley Recognized for Act of Kindness

Recently, an MTM Transit driver in Reno, Nevada went above and beyond to help a passenger in need. The passenger, a high functioning individual with Down’s Syndrome, didn’t show up for his ride home from work. After waiting for 10 minutes and looking for him, his driver had to continue along his route with other passengers.

That’s where driver Daryl Berkley stepped up to the plate. He was in the area and had time in his schedule; knowing the passenger, he had a hunch where he was likely to be found. Daryl drove the route from the passenger’s place of employment to his parents’ home, where the individual used to live. His intuition led him to find the passenger walking the path to his parents’ empty home, as they were traveling out of the country at the time. Daryl picked him up and took him back to his group home about five miles away.

“As a parent, I am grateful that there are people like Daryl out there making our world a better place,” said MTM Transit’s Safety and Training Manager Simon Batter. “It may not seem like much, but this had the potential to be tragic. This vulnerable individual was walking alone along a busy road with no way to contact his family when he arrived at an empty house five miles away from his current place of residence. We are so grateful to have Daryl on our team!”

In recognition of his efforts, Reno General Manager Geo Jackson presented Daryl with a gift card at the location’s regular safety meeting.

Congratulations Daryl, and thank you for going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our passengers!

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