Pickup Rideshare Launches in Austin, Texas in Partnership with Capital Metro

Have you heard about the latest trend in transit, microtransit? Several of MTM Transit’s transit agency partners have launched innovative microtransit pilots, including Capital Metro in Austin, Texas. MTM Transit is proud to partner with Capital Metro to offer the app-based Pickup rideshare service in five sections of their service area, including Manor, East Austin, Walnut Creek, Northeast Austin, and Exposition. More service zones are in the works for future launch dates to help fill in gaps in traditional fixed route public transit service.

Pickup works like other rideshare services, offering on-demand pick-ups and drop-offs to any curbside destination located within the service zones. Passengers can request rides through a mobile app or by calling the Pickup Service Center, all at the same rate as Capital Metro’s fixed route bus service: $1.25 per ride. Click here to read more about the recent expansion of Pickup as featured on KUT 90.5, Austin’s NPR station.

“It does feel like a really good almost boutique service, and I think it’s going to be something that people are really going to love,” Chad Ballentine, Vice President of Demand Response and Innovative Mobility at Capital Metro, said in the KUT article. “It allows everyone to have that Uber or Lyft kind of experience but not at those prices, and it also really complements the transit system a lot better.”

Interested in learning more about how the growing trend of microtransit can offer your passengers better access their community? Let us tell you more!

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