Celebrating One Million Pickup Rides in Austin

In early April, MTM Transit’s Austin team celebrated an exciting milestone: they transported their one millionth passenger through the Capital Metro Pickup rides program! This achievement is not just a number—it represents the dedication, innovation, and commitment that our team brings to work every day to provide efficient and reliable microtransit services to the community.

Since launching in 2019, the Pickup program has become a vital aspect of Austin’s transit landscape. The service offers on-demand rides within designated zones, providing a shared ride shuttle service. Passengers can use the Pickup app to schedule their rides, or call in and request a ride with a representative. The service offers seamless transportation from the passenger’s home or origin to a destination or bus stop within the zone. MTM Transit is proud to operate Pickup services across 10 zones for Cap Metro in the greater Austin area. This program has significantly enhanced accessibility and convenience for residents, making it easier for passengers to navigate the city and reach their destinations efficiently.

Vehicle Operator Harry Brown had the honor of facilitating this historic ride. Harry plays multiple crucial roles as part of our Austin team, serving as a behind-the-wheel trainer for the Pickup program, our resident expert at troubleshooting technology issues, and a mentor to other teammates. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication embody the spirit of excellence we strive for at MTM Transit.

As we celebrate this milestone, here’s a fun fact: it took 1,765 days, seven hours, 52 minutes, and 33 seconds to serve our one millionth Pickup passenger! This statistic underscores the continuous growth and impact of our services on the community over time.

Congratulations to our Austin team on this milestone!

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