MTM Transit’s December ZAP Manager of the Month Honor Awarded to Andy Norman

MTM Transit is excited to introduce our latest ZAP Manager of the Month: Andy Norman, the Maintenance Manager of our Lane County, Oregon operations! Andy earned the award for the month of December 2020. Every month, our safety mascot ZAP Man recognizes our ZAP Manager of the Month. The Manager chosen for the honor is an MTM Transit leader who embodies our safety initiatives and shows a strong commitment to safety in all facets of their job. Every leader chosen for the recognition reflects the value behind ZAP: our Zero Accident Philosophy.

“Strong safety support is always at the front of Andy’s mind when he’s leading his maintenance team,” said MTM Transit’s Director of Safety Administration Tom Greufe. “Every day, he communicates compelling safety messages to his team–and they’ve paid off! Our Lane County maintenance team has done their part to improve the operation’s safety results, especially over the last eight months.”

Working hand-in-hand with Lane County General Manager Resha Oylear and Safety Manager Ann Banks, Andy has supported the location’s safety campaigns by making engaging safety signage visible throughout the facility and yard.

Congratulations Andy! Thank you for your leadership and support as you ensure our Lane County vehicle operators are ready to perform safe trips day in and day out.

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