MTM Transit Talks Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Welcome to MTM Transit Talks, where we’re bringing you monthly posts from our Chief Operating Officer Brian Balogh! Every month, Brian will discuss all things safety, transportation, sustainability, and much more. Welcome to the December edition, where Brian is focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusion in the transit industry, and why MTM Transit is committed to improving our diversity efforts and making a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

Diversity can mean many things. Your ethnicity, your gender, your religion–all of our own unique differences. MTM Transit prides itself on being a longtime advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion both within our organization and throughout the communities we serve. Diversity has always been–and will always be–a priority for our team.

At MTM Transit, our vision is to bring together people with different sets of life experiences, opinions, and views to contribute to the design and operation of the services we provide. We look to our leadership team to ensure that we are champions of our diversity goals simply because it enriches our company so much. To ensure quality collaboration, diversity isn’t really optional. A commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion helps deliver the best product to our customers, and contributes to our strong culture of likeminded teammates.

We want our employees to look like the diverse communities we serve. Our ability to better understand the needs of our customers and our employees depends on our ability to pull forward various views to help us better understand needs and motivators. MTM Transit’s Chief Marketing Officer Michele Lucas says, “We work hard to make sure employees feel there is meaning and opportunity, and that they can see a pathway for progression.”  The population today is extremely unique. If we don’t know or are unable to understand those perceptions, we are more likely to deliver a substandard level of service, which isn’t acceptable at MTM Transit.

Despite the perception of the “great resignation” in our society today, MTM Transit has been able to continue to source quality team members – partly due to our diversity initiatives.  When you think about being an “employer of choice”, we realize that those who do want to work will be selective when considering an employer. We also realize that the team members we already have on our team have a choice today to stay or go. We want that choice to be MTM Transit. We are offering recruiting bonuses, paid training, enhanced benefits packages, and taking other creative approaches to recruiting. The key is to deliver what you promise, and MTM Transit is committed to being a leader in diversity, equality, and inclusion in the transit industry.

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