Florida Teams Take Action Against Hurricane Ian

MTM Transit’s expert teams are no strangers to preparing for adverse weather–and Hurricane Ian was no exception. Our teams in Sarasota, Sumter, and Sebring County, Florida didn’t hesitate in their response to the devastating hurricane that hit the Florida coast. Planning started days ahead of the storm, and work remains in full swing with all hands on deck.

Between collaborating with local authorities, employees stepping up, and aligning with client needs to ensure life-sustaining trips and evacuations were completed, safety remained a top priority throughout the entire event. Sarasota General Manager Scott Lansing said, “We have had a fantastic response from our team and have had no issues with staffing our vehicles. Everyone has been very positive and professional. We couldn’t have dreamed a better response.”

On short notice, before the hurricane hit land, our customer service and dispatch teams updated phone messages with the latest trip and closing information. After winding down operations right before landfall, our teams worked diligently to secure their buildings, fuel vehicles and position them on higher land, place sandbags around building entrances, and move electronics off the floor.

The storm has been devastating for so many along Florida’s coastline. To our teammates, clients, and passengers in Florida: Hurricane Ian may have passed, but we know your personal recovery efforts likely have not. Thank you for supporting your community in this time of crisis and showcasing our core values.

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