MTM Transit and CATA Celebrate 250,000th CATAGO! Passenger

MTM Transit recently celebrated a significant milestone by transporting the 250,000th passenger of the CATAGO! service in State College, Pennsylvania. CATAGO! is an on-demand microtransit program offering a shared-ride, accessible, curb-to-curb shuttle service within designated zones. Riders can book same-day trips via a mobile app, website, or phone. Since its inception in January 2020, when it had just over 500 riders in the first month, the service has grown exponentially, reaching this remarkable milestone just over four years later.

MTM Transit has been a partner with the Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) since April 2012, providing various transit services, including vehicle operation, reservations, scheduling, dispatching, and staff management for both CATARIDE paratransit and CATAGO! microtransit services. This collaboration has increased efficiencies by cross-training operators and optimizing vehicle usage across both programs. Additionally, CATAGO! has successfully replaced low-performing bus routes in underserved areas, benefiting passengers and the client alike.

The success of CATAGO! can be attributed not only to the convenience and accessibility of the service but also to the exceptional customer service and personal connections fostered by MTM Transit staff. The community’s positive reception and the numerous expressions of appreciation from passengers underscore the program’s significant impact on the region.

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